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UMBC’s Annual Earth Day Celebration

Chill vibes, great music, and a good cause.

Celebrate the people that make this planet great!

At EcoFest:

  • Hundreds of people gather to celebrate Earth Day
  • Free Music fills the air, along with Festival Games and DIY Crafts, all presented by talented student groups
  • Dozens of environmental organizations come to meet people and teach sustainability
  • Local businesses bring food, handmade jewelery, and more

Come to EcoFest:

  • Learn more about green causes
  • Connect with people
  • Enjoy the great outdoors


EcoFest 2014:

On April 23rd, hundreds of students and dozens of organizations came to the Quad, on a windy day, to celebrate Sustainability — with music, games, crafts, and food.

“Ecofest was huge and well organized! Great job keeping the tradition alive, UMBC has been celebrating Earth Day with Ecofest for over a decade now! It seems to be getting better and bigger over time” – Tanvi Gadhia, Sustainability Coordinator, UMBC.

EcoFest is proudly hosted by UMBC’s Students for Environmental Awareness. Watch this space for information about UMBC’s next ecofest. For more information, email